Details On Our Flooring Products

Floor Area Coverage

You will require 18 - 9” x 9” per square metre or 16 per square yard.

You will require 10.5 - 12” x 12” per square metre or 9 per square yard.

(Please note that these tiles are exact copies of early nineteenth century hand made originals and do not have Dead Square corners and Perpendicular edges and require a gap between them of at least 9mm spaces on nine inch tiles and 12mm spaces on twelve inch tiles and cannot be laid fully butted up like later Victorian machine made tiles)


Please note that the standard stock thicknesses of these tiles are as follows:
9” x 9” tiles are approx 20mm thick and 12” x 12” tiles are approx 28mm thick, however both sizes can be manufactured to a maximum thickness of approx 38mm but are not a stock item and are available only as a special order and will incur a 30% surcharge on the standard price and will require a 20% deposit which is non refundable.


We endeavour to try and keep stock of all sizes and colours, but some periods due to high demand there may be a waiting time for orders to be processed as all our products are hand made this can be as long as three to four weeks according to quantities required, please telephone and check for availability first before ordering.


A kerbside delivery service is available within a fifty mile radius
Prices are £10 minimum delivery charge up to 10 miles
Over 10 miles charges are calculated at £1 per mile.
Deliveries over fifty miles, customers will be required to make there own courier arrangements for collection.

Returns Policy

Goods may be returned to stock and a refund given only if they are undamaged but will incur a 25% handling charge and also a collection charge may apply, goods must also be returned within 28 days of purchase.


Payments are cash or cheque only and made payable to Antique Style Flooring Centre.

All orders over £200.00 will be required to be made on a pro forma invoice.